BG procedure  

1st step:
The BG-applicant have to fill and sign a LOI which confirm that he got the intention to buy or to lease a BG/SBLC, and inside the LOI must be mentioned all contact-data so that the BG-Provider is able to start a pre-check. In the case that the BG-applicant have a own LOI so please send this, because the BG-Provider is able to accept it.
(Please note that we are all serious and NOBODY got the intention to bypass you or to steal your client, but the BG-Provider have to check this before he is able to proceed).

When all is ok with the BG-applicant the BG-Provider will start the next step immediately.

2nd step:
As soon as the step 1 is successful passed, the BG-Provider will send the BG-DOA with the whole Data of the Provider inside to us.
The BG-Applicant have to fill and to sign this BG-DOA inclucded with the passport-copy and all Bank-data and send it back to us. To these time the BG-Applicant have to proof his financial capacity and he must send a document to his Bank so that this Bank is able to fill this document and confirm the financial capacty of the client.

Please note this Bank-statement-confirmation is a part of the DOA, and replace the POF.

3rd step:
The whole and complete Document will send and submit to the Bank which will issiue the Bankguarantee, because the Bank will start a due dilligence and it take 2-3 day's (usual).
Now you will see how VERY IMPORTANT is the Bank-statement-confirmation because only when this document will also submit to the issiung Bank, the Bank will be able to proceed. As soon as the due dilligence is sucessful passed the next processing-step will start immediately.

4th step:
Now the issiung Bank will contact the Bank of the client and further the issiung Bank will confirm it to the client's Bank that the Bankguarantee is ready and that the Hard-Copie will send by a couier and MT-760 to the Bank of the client. Thesame time the Bank of the client will start the payment of the Bankguarantee + condition and commission's.

5th setp:
As soon as the Bank of the client have received the Hard-copy of the Bankguarantee the client will receive the confirmation that the required Bankguarantee is here and available now for the benefit of the client.

the BG-Provider is located in London and regards the amount so note that the minium amount is € 100 million. The condition for "fresh Cut" BG's are 32+2 (BUY) and 6+2 (LEASE), and when the client want to receive SEASONED BG's so the condition of this instruments are the following (BUY) 36+2, (LEASE) 6+2.  
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