can finance all projects, favorite project  that produce energy,and real estate projects the conditions for funding are as follows:

a) the project owner must have 15% of the value of the project as collateral, or with equity or bank guarantee or bonds,
b) the lender will provide 85% with a loan, repayment time of the loan approximately 8 years (2 years to build the plant, grace period of 1 year after the project is finished and ready for operation, the repayment of loan will be spread on 5 years),
c) The client, who owns the project, must sign a consultancy contract to me and acknowledge a 5% consultant fee at the end of the loan, ie the first disbursement of the loan.
d) minimum amount of the $ 10 Million loan..
You must know that the project to be financed must be complete with all permits and authorizations. it must be ready for the construction (the financier wants to have all the documents of the project to be built, business plan, financial plan, construction project, and all the government authorizations for the construction), all these documents are presented by me, at the financier, for a pre-acceptance of the funding. After the pre-acceptance of the project to be financed, the lender will send the client the forms to be filled in and starts the financing process.So, to start, to work, with this lender, you must provide me, a project, ready for construction, which is in excess of $ 10 million, and the declaration, which can be given a guarantee  15 %, of the cost of the project, client   must sign a mandate to me, and acknowledge to me a fee consultant of 3%. If client agree, I can send you a copy of the consultancy contract, to immediately start the practice of financing, let me know,
They purchase:
A) projects, PV systems, complete with all the authorizations and permits, paid, ready to be built, power, minimum 10 MW.
B) PV plants built and connected, with a 15% IRR, power, minimum 10MW.
They purchase, projects and installations worldwide.
To proceed, the customer must sign to us, a mandate, where he recognizes us a consultant fee of 3% at the end of practice.
The commission will be so divided, 1% to the consultant, the EPC / Lender (he prepares the Due Diligence for the investor), 1% to me, 1% to my partner.
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