Why many peoples want to invest in Head Super Business City?

Head Super Business City. It will be built the world's largest international cargo (include digital products) distribution and trade center. It is most unique and advanced in the world.This system will be truly revolutionary. Original shares have high market potential, high profits and high dividends Very convenient way to buy Shareholders Via Government Register , safe and secure investment Shareholders have the rights to elect or be elected as top executive or supervisor (B2M to open soon) Profit at any time transfer of shares
issue new shares October. 18, 2013 No.1318 <issue new shares >

Notice of Issuance of Original Shares

October. 18, 2013 - HEAD INTERNATIONAL GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED. (the "Company") hereby gives notice that its Board of Directors decided to issue fifty million shares to increase chartered capital pursuant to Paragraph 3 (shares are explained in terms) of the companies ordinance (chapter 32), in order to develop and build HSBC (Head Super Business City) and invest China mainland market government project. HSBC will be the first leading global B2E portal site. Its system will be truly revolutionary. Its online payment system will be the most powerful and most convenient. Its suppliers include many renowned retailers, e-Business power sellers. Not only it will assist customer in finding the most suitable wholesale and retailers suppliers for all types of products. It also offer exclusive discounts from many wholesale and retailers suppliers. It will have more than 80,000 various products and more than 10,000 suppliers. And in 2014 Head Holding will participate China government the first grade investment projects. Its profits will be rapid growth.

  • The purchasers: the existing shareholders and the potential partners
  • Class of Shares: Original Shares
  • Increase Authorized Share Capital:

Total Nominal Value: USD5,000,000.00 (five million USD)

  • Number of Shares Issue: 50,000,000
  • Nominal Value of Each Share Issue: 0.1usd

    (Wait till Mar 2014.  From Mar 14 onward, the share nominal value will be replaced with “No Par Value” due to change of Ordinance from government.)

  • Date of Shares Issue: 2014 (The time to be determined)
  • Purchase  Limitations:

The existing shareholders: unlimited

New shareholders: within the range of 100,000 shares to 1,000,000 shares per shareholder. ( equal 10Kusd – 100Kusd).

  • Subscription payment date:
  • The shareholder will remit to special bank account after shareholder and shares is registered in Hong Kong government department within 1-3 months.
  • Share ownership certificate issue date:
  • After the company accountant issued capital verification report, by the company's accountants will issue share certificate and will mail to each shareholder within 1 months . (As according to the Ordinance, leadtime for filing of new shares allotment is within 1 months of the effective date.)
  • The register will update include the following information for each class of share:

The names ( in alphabetical order), and the last known address of each person who currently is or has been within the last 10 years

The number of shares held by each shareholder within the last 10 years

the date of any issue of shares to each shareholder within the last 10 years

the date of any repurchase or redemption of shares from each shareholder within the last 10 years

the date of any allotment of shares by or to each shareholder within the last 10 years, including the name of the other party to the transfer

  Public notice
  Board of directors

October. 18, 2013


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